Then they are good enough for us! What is? I hear you ask, well read on to find out.

As we head towards the end of our third week of lock down, the struggle is real when it comes to beauty salon regulars. I closed the door on the salon almost three weeks ago, cancelled all our appointments for the foreseeable and have done my best to give advice online on how to maintain your nails.

How ever if we are being realistic, by now your nails will be off (or in need of being taken off! if you need the kit to do this click here for some info).

Some of you may be embracing your natural nails and letting them “breath” (don’t get me started on that one, nails don’t have lungs!!), which is fine. Some of you however maybe struggling with your nails not looking super fly! Well fear not, I’ve got you girl. Press on nails to the rescue!

Ariana Grande recently posted on her instagram stories thanking a nail tech for sending her a set of press on nails.

Ariana is known for being a lover of nails and was a huge influence in the cow print trend!

So now I envisage Ariana at home in her lounge wear with super cute nails. As if flawless skin and gorgeous long locks wasn’t enough! But don’t worry, we can all be just as fabulous – well our nails can for sure.

Well for those of you who don’t know, I have my very own Press on Nail brand GK Nails! I launched my brand back in 2013 and have since gone on to have my press on nails featured in Vogue Brazil, New York Fashion Week as well as a collaboration with the Fashion Brand Jaded London.

Whether you are a classic plain Jane or a more out there nail art lover, GK Nails can cater for all your nail requests.

Normally we have lots of different ready to wear designs to choose from but under the current circumstances we have decided to just make custom orders for now. All you have to do is send over some inspiration images or ideas of the kind of set you would like and they will be made and sent straight to you.

Each set is comes with everything you need to prep the natural nails and apply the press ons. You have the option to use sticky tabs for a day or twos wear or you can use the glue for longer use.

You can choose a simple one colour or nail art, as well as the shape of your choice (square, oval, stiletto and coffin). You can send your orders in by clicking here.

Over on our Pinterest there is lots of boards with different styles of nail inspo to help you if you aren’t feeling particularly creative.

There is also all the GK Nails hand and nail care products available to purchase too. Orders will be being sent on Tuesdays and Saturdays, they will be sent first class but please allow a little longer than normal for them to arrive.

Stay Safe and Healthy!