Being in quarantine means we have lost not only our freedom of movement but also our routines. It may seem trivial in comparison to the worlds issues right now, but having a routine, things in the diary and blocking time out for yourself are hugely important.

Some people will be working from home, albeit a different environment this still gives some kind of routine. If like me you can not work during quarantine this means you are literally left to fill your day with TikToks, Instagram and online window shopping!

Its important to form some sort of routine (I will do a post on that), but its also good to try and include things in to your day/week that will keep your spirits lifted. I have some items you may love…..

Yoga is an amazing form of exercise and one you can do anywhere. There are lots of online classes being offered at the moment that you can get involved in my recommendations would be Curvy Girl Yoga with Devaki and Wild Wolf Yoga. I attend classes with both regularly and absolutely love them. Taking time out to do some yoga is a great way of keeping centred in these times of uncertainty, it enables you to feel strong and keeps your body active.

Meditation is the perfect way to zone out for 5 to 20 minutes! I use the Head Space app most nights and find it really helpful to fall asleep. My brain goes at a thousand miles an hour so i struggle to switch off. I have started adding in a morning meditation over the past 10 days and feel it helps set me up for the day. Click on the here to get a free 14 day trial of Head Space Plus.

Surrounding myself with nice things definitely makes me feel good. Candles are not only pretty but can fill the room with a fresh calming scent. My absolute favourite one is the Wellbeing Crystal Candle from The Owl and The Apothecary. Its a little on the pricey side but I only burn it for a short time and the smell lasts for hours! This one also has a crystal encapsulated with in the wax!

Himalayan Rock Salt is known to be full of healing properties. Salt lamps are meant to clean the air, help with allergies, boost your mood and also help you sleep! As most of us are on a budget right now, buying a large lamp might not be ideal but i found these Rock Salt Night Lights on amazon which are the perfect compromise!

There is something so relaxing about closing your eyes. I know this sounds silly but bear with me, closing your eyes properly for 10 minutes can be really benficial to your whole body. It allows your muscles and body parts to relax, resulting in stress reduction, mood enhancement, and a clearer mind. Using an eye pillow will allow you to rest your eyes fully with the perfect amount of weighted pressure, I used one at a Yin Yoga class and it was the best feeling EVER! There are lots of articles online showing you how to make your own but if you aren’t feeling the DIY version, you can get one here!

The most important thing is self care. Most people will schedule some “Me time” in to their week, but in the time of quarantine don’t let that slip. It might be that you don’t have much to do on a day to day basis at the moment but making sure you take some time out to concentrate on you will keep you going whilst we wait to be released back in to the world! Don’t limit it to “self care Sunday” take an hour every day, or all day every day… what ever takes your fancy!

The basics go with out saying, drink plenty of water, get fresh air where you can, create a new routine and stay in touch with friends. If you are feeling low or just struggling one day, reach out and tell someone. We are all going to have our ups and downs and that is ok. Just remember this is only temporary, we will come through this.

I have created a Pinterest board for Quarantine Self Care, just to give you some ideas!

Stay healthy and gorgeous!

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