Before we went in to lock down, my hands were screaming at me due to all the extra hand washing and sanitising. My skin is really dry, my cuticles are sore and my nails don’t look cute!

I have put together some tips and items that you can use to look after your hands and nails at home….

If you currently have gel polish, hard gel or Acrylic nails on you probably want to remove them. The Nail brand Peacci have removal kits and some gorgeous coloured polishes that you can have sent straight to your door. As an extra bonus if you use the code PEACCIAO3OZESRD you will get 10% off your orders.

For dry hands, Moisturising Gloves will work a treat! We use gloves like these with our luxury manicures. These Collagen Infused gloves come in a pack of 4 and will really help soothe the skin. Pop them on for 20 minutes (or longer) and then massage in any residue on the skin when you remove them. Click here to go through to these gloves on amazon.

Cuticle Oil and Hand cream. These are your essentials right now. Apply it as often as you like, especially at night. slather your hands in cream when you get in to bed and give your digits a good massage, then apply your cuticle oil and let it all work its magic whilst you sleep.
Have a look through your draws and find all those hand creams you’ve thrown in there, put them around the house to remind you to use them.

Keep your nails short. Two reasons behind this, one is that you are less likely to have any nail related accidents with short nails but the main one is to keep the Covid19 germs away! Having longer nails runs the risk of not being able to clean thoroughly enough behind the nails, meaning you may miss some of the nasties hiding behind there. The NHS are recommending keeping them at finger tip length and cleaning them regularly (with soap and water, not by biting them!).

One final thing is to remove any chipped gel polish and nail varnish, germs can get stuck under any chipped polish so for classic lacquer use Nail polish remover and cotton wool* and for Gel Polish you can purchase one of the kits I mentioned above.

*PRO TIP – If you are removing a dark colour such as red, apply a thick layer of oil around the cuticles. This will help to stop the colour staining the skin!

I hope this helps you whilst you are being left to your own devises with your nails for now! If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch.

Stay Healthy and Gorgeous x

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