I don’t know about you but I haven’t worn make up for the past 10 days!

Although i’m not sure any of my video call buddies appreciate it, my skin definitely does. Even though I am not a heavy make up wearer day to day, it is always good to let your skin have a little detox every now and again.

Whilst we are all locked down for the foreseeable, why not take this time to get yourself in to a really good skin care routine (by the time we get back to work, it will part of your day and easy for you to keep it going!).

I will let you in to a little secret, despite the industry I am in I am actually not that great with my skin care! Its only been the past eighteen months that I have taken my make up off every night (I know, I know!!). I will do more about my actual regime in another post but for now, here are some bits and pieces you can do whilst in quarantine to give your skin some oomph!

At home facials have always been a thing, but with the advance in technology in the skincare industry you can’t really match the salon experience. Well Germaine de Cappucini (this is the skin care range we use in the salon for our facial treatments) have come up with some Treat Yourself Packs which will be delivered straight to your door. They are full of products to do a professional feeling facial treatment (some of which have never been available to clients to take home!). The prices range from £24 to £44, with each kit you will also receive a £5.00 voucher that you can use in salon towards a facial treatment once we are back up and running! Get in touch for more details and to find which kit would suit your skin.

Face Masks are a great way of treating your skin at home. You can get all different kinds depending on your skin type or issue you want to treat. They are a relatively cheap and simple way to give your skin some TLC whilst the salon doors are locked! I prefer a Sheet Mask, its easy to use, way less mess and you can take a good insta pic whilst its on! These gold collagen infused sheet masks are a good option from amazon.

If you aren’t feeling a full face mask, you can opt for something smaller with an eye mask. The same idea of the sheet mask but just big enough to treat the under eye area. This part of our face is super thin and sensitive so deserves a little extra care and attention. If you are like me and really struggling with weird sleeping patterns right now, a refreshing boost to the peepers wouldn’t go a miss! These under eye mask sheets are a good choice as they contain Hyaluronic Acid which is amazing for hydration.

Facial Rollers and Guasha stones are great for massaging your skin. Using these daily will not only help the absorption of your products, increase blood flow and oxygen to the skin, they can also help to improve the skins firmness and reduce the signs of ageing! If using the correct motions on the face the results can be amazing, Ava Lee has a great channel on YouTube Glow with Ava, and a video that focuses on some anti ageing moves! I have the Rose Quartz Facial Roller set which I use daily!

The most important one of all, Water! We should on a regular day be taking in as much H2o as possible but during this horrific pandemic we should be aiming to take even more on board! Water is the most natural ingredient with the most benefits! Drinking plenty will not only help you flush any toxins and nasties out, it will keep you hydrated and your skin glowing! If you aren’t a lover of plain water, there are lots of ways you can make it more interesting (I don’t mean by replacing it with vodka!!). Pop on to pinterest for some infused water ideas.

Those are just a few ideas of things you can use to give your skin a little boost. I have made a Quarantine Skin Care board on pinterest which has some ideas in for you to take a look at. I will go more in depth to actual skin care products in another post but for now have a look through your beauty product stash and see what you have, I bet you have lots tucked away and more than enough for a home facial!

If you have any skin care questions, please feel free to get in touch.

Stay healthy and gorgeous!

DISCLAIMER: some of the links will create earnings for the writer